Pro Shot Products

PRO SHOT® products may keep you from spending a fortune on refinishing, or worse, replacing old scratched floors, cabinets, and stained carpeting.

PRO SHOT® products are easy to use and long lasting too. PRO SHOT® has taken some of the most distressed floors, cabinets, and carpeting and made them look beautiful again.

PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer & Finish

PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer & Finish 32 oz Image

Why live with or consider replacing your floors when PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer & Finish can put the shine back on most sealed and non-porous floors with just one easy to apply application.

PRO SHOT® covers surface scratches making them less noticeable. Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. (UL) listed as to slip resistance. PRO SHOT® helps protect floors from spills, coffee and tea stains, black heel marks, and more, with a clear brilliant finish. There’s no yellowing and no wax buildup.

New Floors in a Bottle™

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PRO SHOT® Cabinet Restorer & Protector

PRO SHOT® Cabinet Restorer Image

PRO SHOT’® Cabinet, Paneling & Finished Wood Restorer & Protector lets you choose the amount of shine you want™. Apply one coat for a natural and protective shine, or add a second coat for more shine and added protection. PRO SHOT® Cabinet Restorer can last up to a full year and help reduce wear. Protect your cabinets from stains, u.v. rays, fingerprints and dust accumulation.

Try using PRO SHOT® on boats, RVs, and mobile homes, wherever you want your finished wood to shine. Easy wipe on, no buff application.

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PRO SHOT® Concentrated Cleaner

PRO SHOT® Concentrated Cleaner is a no rinse, no film cleaner that’s designed to safely clean & deodorize most surfaces.

Recommended cleaner for both PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer & Finish and PRO SHOT® Cabinet Restorer & Protector.

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PRO SHOT® Enzymatic Pet Stain & Odor Remover

PRO SHOT® Enzymatic Pet Stain Odor Remover Image

If you have pets, you probably don’t need to be told they can wreak havoc on your carpet. Especially young pets, elderly pets, and rescue pets without good house manners…even well-trained pets under stress will sometimes have an accident on your carpet.

If you don’t step in it first, you’ll undoubtedly see it or smell it. Don’t despair—you can remove that unsightly, foul-smelling accident without doing further damage to your carpet.

An all natural enzyme based organic stain remover and odor counteractant for carpeting & upholstery. Enzymatic contains a special blend of lipase, protease, and amylase enzymes combined with natural surfactants to quickly remove urine, blood, vomit, and other organic substances.

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